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Electronic Certificate

I. Introduction of Land Administration Internet Portal

  1. The Ministry of Interior established a Land Administration Internet Portal incorporating cadastre related data of Land Administration Bureau (Office) of all city and county governments in Taiwan on the internet so that the goals of simplifying application procedures and improving service quality can be realized. The general public can apply for cadastre certificate of any piece of land in Taiwan, review related data, and apply for easier cases online. 
  2. Service Items of Land Administration Internet Portal:
  • Online application of electronic cadastre certificate
  • Online data review
  • Online application of easier cases

 II. Introduction of Online Application of Electronic Cadastre Certificate

  1. What is the so-called “electronic cadastre certificate”? 
    In order to meet the administrative innovation goals of a “paperless e-government”, city and county governments all over Taiwan established online cadastre databases for the public to apply for cadastre certificate online without having to visit the local service location in-person. With this new service, the general public can apply for cadastre certificate easier and faster.
  2. Usage and advantage of online application:
  • The general public gets to complete the procedures of application, certificate receipt, and review without having to leave their home
  • Online certificate application service is cross-city and cross-county
  • The electronic certificate is as valid as a paper certificate
  • The electronic certificate can be saved in the electronic form to be emailed to the third parties (e.g. customers)
  • The portal is user friendly 

 III. Service Items and Fees of Electronic Certificate

  1. Enquiry of address number (NT$10 per enquiry)
  2. Application of certificate (NT$20 for each copy)
  • Registration certificate (including registration certificate of land and building, as well as divisional certificate)Land value certificate (including historic data already established in the database)
  • Cadastre map transcription (including those are digitalized)
  • Building measurement map
  • Index of changes